Website Design
Your website is an important part of the image that you portray to the outside world, on many occasions it is the first contact your potential clients have with your business. The site visitor will form an immediate impression of your company based upon the website design. In some ways this is great news for smaller businesses because you have an opportunity to compete with much larger businesses via the medium of the Internet.
Caboodal have evolved from a technical background, where most web companies have come from a design background. The good news here is that you can determine for yourself whether you like the look of your website, where it's not so easy to tell if its actually going to perform, deliver and bring value to your business!
Caboodal's professional design service is focused on providing striking and functional designs using your initial design brief to guide our team. Caboodal also have experience in transposing existing promotional literature to a web friendly format thus ensuring brand continuity along with maximising any existing investment in other forms of design.
:: Cascading Style Sheets
CSS is a new smarter way to apply styling to Webpages. The use of CSS is now a must for businesses wanting finer and more predictable control over presentation. Splitting the 'content' and 'design' can also have dramatic effect on a websites search engine ranking. (for the better)
All our websites conform to the latest XHTML standard which goes along way to ensuring your pages displays accurately regardless of the viewers browser. We do extensive checks using all the popular browsers before we sign-off on any project.
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