About Us
Caboodal is a trading name of “The Code Clinic Limited” and was formed in 2002 by Andrew Breward who is still the Managing Director today. Andrew spent the previous 5 years working within another software development company as Technical Director and prior to this has since 1988 worked for various software companies within the UK and has a wealth of experience and knowledge within the industry.
Caboodal has been based at our Leicester office since April 2007 where our development team are located, with our Accounts and Admin being located in Shepshed near Loughborough.
Caboodal is a small approachable company and we don’t pretend to be anything else, having traded profitably for over 5 years our business base is sound. We are often challenged about our potential to be around in 10 years which always makes us smile as we have seen many larger companies bought out, change direction or enter administration with little or no consideration to their customers’. Our customer base is widely spread from sole traders through to multi million pound companies.
Caboodal do not outsource its development work, all project work is undertaken and completed by our development team based in Leicester. All project team members are approachable and involved in the project lifecycle, so no waiting for your developers to wake up in another time-zone!
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